Tooling for HWT Casings mine water supply drilling T-081-r

Mine Water and Dewatering Well Drilling

Do you need water for your mine processes, dewatering to continue mining, or both? Whether you are reopening a mine, expanding your mining operations, or opening a new mine, we know that safe, straight, on-target water or dewatering wells are essential for your mining operations.

Water exploration for silver mining - Nevada 116-r


Quality always pays for itself; it’s even more critical when your mining investment is at stake. Our above industry-standard downhole tooling and stabilization equipment consistently deliver straighter, on-target holes that can improve your success, reduce your ongoing expenses, and deliver water and dewatering wells that are more durable and productive.

  • Quality materials, such as the right size USA-made wall casing, can help ensure your well is long-lasting and durable.
  • Straighter, on-target holes that hit the target specified in your plans can improve your success.
  • Straighter holes also save money by reducing wear on your pump and lineshaft bearings – for longer life with fewer maintenance issues.
  • Straighter holes result in a more uniform, evenly spaced gravel pack around your casing, which minimizes the intrusion of harmful sands and extends your well’s productive life.


Productive, efficient, clean wells have less water drawdown, save electricity, save money, and extend the life of your pump. We collect and analyze the entire ground formation profile and categorize them for best production while filtering out the finer sands and clays that degrade pumps and well screens.

Strategic Planning

With strategic planning, we avoid or resolve most problems before they happen – saving you time and money and keeping your water and dewatering well projects on schedule and within budget. By involving all key personnel in your strategic meetings, all the experts on your project participate in addressing and resolving concerns. Our strategic planning processes lead to better decisions, more effective implementation, build a stronger and more cohesive team, and foster excellent communication.

  • Detailed initial proposal
  • Preconstruction meetings
  • Site visits and meetings during well construction
  • On-site weekly review meetings with all team members
  • Field supervisor to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality control, and productivity throughout the construction


Safety is paramount from our initial proposal until the last crew member leaves your site. Risk assessment, hazard mitigation, and safety are integral elements of our strategic planning processes.

  • Jos Safet Analysis (JSA)
  • Site-specific hazard training
  • Daily safety meetings when each shift begins, before any major change during the day, and when each shift ends
  • Written risk assessment report daily
  • AVETTA/BROWZ compliant
  • Posted safety notices

Equipment and Tooling

Reliable, well-maintained equipment and above-industry standard tooling help us ensure your mine water or dewatering well construction stays on schedule. We store drill bits, tooling, expendables, and consumables in our on-site doghouse to ensure they are at hand when needed. We have excellent relationships with area vendors, suppliers, and mechanics to respond rapidly to expected and unexpected field needs.

Territory: water and dewatering well construction in California and Nevada

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Water exploration for silver mining - Nevada 116-r