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Irrigation Water Well Drilling

Abundant Dairy, Farm, Orchard, and Vineyard Water

Your irrigation well is not just a well. It is part of your infrastructure and the backbone that feeds your dairy, silage crop, and trees. Reliable water wells on your property can mean the difference between success and failure and give welcome peace of mind – knowing you have abundant water available.

Water gushing from new irrigation water well T130 drill rig

Quality Drilling and Development

You have our promise that the wells we drill will be straighter, more efficient, and cleaner than wells drilled by anyone else.

Straighter Wells Reduce Wear

Straighter wells mean less wear on your pumps and lineshaft bearings and a more uniform, evenly spaced gravel pack around your casing to minimize the intrusion of harmful sands. At Premier Drilling, our downhole tooling and stabilization are second to none for keeping your well straighter and on target!

Money-Saving Electrical Efficiency

Managing your electrical power consumption is only possible by building the most efficient well we can construct. Your Premier Drilling team will collect and analyze the entire ground formation profile and categorize them for the best possible production while still filtering out the finer sands and clays that are destructive to your pump and well screens. Less well water drawdown means less horsepower to lift water and lower monthly power bills for you!

Well Development for Crystal Clear Water

Your irrigation well is not finished until we air develop it to ensure your water is crystal clear. Using reverse circulation swabbing, we maximize the potential of each individual screened zone to crystal clear water. Your well will be spotless before we leave your property – you will get a crystal clear drinkable water sample to ensure it is.

Excellent Track Record – Especially in Challenging Conditions

While we can’t promise you water, our drillers have an excellent track record of success and relish the challenge of drilling successful irrigation water wells in locations many well drillers won’t even consider. Your team of drilling experts at Premier Drilling has decades of experience drilling irrigation wells in complex settings with difficult challenges, including volcanics, fractures, fault lines, clays, sands, gravels, hard rock, and soil composition that changes through the depth of the hole.

Water Exploration Wells Produce Valuable Data

How would you like to know water depths, estimated quantity, and get water samples for testing before deciding whether to invest in an irrigation water well? Our drilling team will drill a slim hole using the reverse circulation dual tube water exploration method. With the facts in hand, you can confidently determine whether drilling a water well is the right choice.

Irrigation Wells Where You Want, the Size you Need, to the Depth You Need

Your drilling team will arrive with above-industry-standard equipment, tooling, and expertise to drill through all types of formations and zones to reach the aquifer with a straight hole, keep the hole open, install your casing, and develop your well for crystal clear water.

Save Time, Save Money, and Achieve Excellent Results

Strategic planning and clear communication are vital to delivering your desired drilling results. Before rigs arrive at your site, we host a pre-construction meeting with your project’s key players. Together, we walk through every essential project element, from safety to how we will meet or exceed your project expectations. We spot and resolve potential issues to everyone’s satisfaction.

Agility and Responsiveness

Premier Drilling is a small, agile drilling company committed to delivering your desired results. When you are on-site, if you want to change the project specs based on the drilling results, you won’t have to wait days while your request filters up through several ranks of decision-makers. You can discuss the concerns and proposed changes with a principal, agree on the new plan, then continue the work.


Water exploration often means deep wells; deep wells can involve more potential risk. Every irrigation well drill rig is outfitted with tooling to minimize risk and promote safe conditions. Safety procedures and checks are documented and followed throughout to ensure everyone on your drilling project watches for and addresses potential safety concerns before moving on. Safety on every job is a top priority every shift and every day we work on your project. We designed our safety procedures to send everyone home safely at the end of each day.


Irrigation well drilling in California and Nevada

Dedicated to Your Success

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Water gushing from new irrigation water well T130 drill rig