Municipal Water Supply Drilling

Municipal Water Supply Drilling

Is your municipality short on water? Whether you have outgrown your water supply or run short because your municipal water wells no longer meet your water standards, our skilled drilling teams are ready to help you get the water you need. Our drilling teams have an excellent track record for overcoming a myriad of challenges to provide a clean, plentiful water supply.

Where are you in your water expansion process?

Do you need:

  • Water exploration
  • Test wells
  • Pilot hole drilling
  • Zonal sampling
  • Single pass drilling
  • Large-scale production wells
Roller Reamers for drilling municipal water wells

Drilling Straighter, More Efficient Wells

Water exploration and water wells are an investment in your community’s wellbeing. We build wells that can produce longer, help your municipality reduce maintenance costs, and lower your electric bills.

Using extensive downhole tooling and stabilization, we drill straighter, on-target water wells that can save money and reduce maintenance costs for decades.

Straighter wells:

  • reduce wear on pumps and line shafts to extend their life and reduce maintenance costs
  • have a more uniform, evenly spaced gravel pack around the casing that minimizes the intrusion of harmful sands

Quality is essential when building a water well to produce abundant water for decades.

  • Quality materials, including the correct casing, deliver long-lasting durability
  • Maximize the potential of each individual screened or louvered zone for excellent flow by using a reverse circulation swabbing tool to airlift develop them

Reducing your pump’s monthly electric bills adds up to significant savings. To do this, we construct the most efficient well we can. We start with collecting and analyzing the entire ground formation profile and working with you to categorize them for the best possible production while filtering out the finer sands and clays that are destructive to pumps and well screens.

Community-Friendly Drill Rigs and Processes

Conducting municipal water exploration and drilling in populated areas requires addressing your community’s regulatory, political, and social needs. Our drilling teams have extensive experience managing these concerns effectively.

Drilling in residential areas often means drilling in tight quarters during limited hours. Our rigs enable our municipal water supply drilling crews to drill large diameter wells with minimal impact on families and neighborhoods. We mitigate noise, light, dirt, and other potential nuisances that often accompany well drilling to keep our presence as unremarkable as possible. We help ensure your community is happy with the process and their new water supply. Positive interactions with your community residents over the life of your drilling project are important to you, so they are important to us.

Keeping your Municipal Water Well on Schedule

Water drilling is often the first step in a long process when planning new neighborhoods or expanding existing ones. With a lot riding on timing, delays in drilling can lead to a domino effect of delays in your development project. We plan and assess before and throughout your project to solve challenges, often before they occur, and mitigate the potential for downtime to finish on time and within budget.

Remediating and Abandoning Wells

Mechanical or chemical remediation may improve water flow if your wells are underperforming. Sometimes, sealing the top section and drilling deeper is more effective. The most cost-effective solution is often to abandon an underperforming well and drill a new one. Proper well abandonment protects the aquifer and fulfills local and state requirements.


Water well drilling and well abandonment include substantial paperwork and documentation. Our team submits the required paperwork on schedule. If your team handles the upfront permitting and paperwork, our team will verify all paperwork was filed before we start drilling. When we complete your well drilling or abandonment, you will receive complete documentation for your files, including local and state permits and reports.

Safety First and Always

Drilling on your city streets is intrinsically dangerous. Our well drilling crews check in with site safety assessments when each shift begins, before every significant change within a shift, and when each shift ends. Safety is always a top priority to ensure your job site is safe and everyone goes home safely at the end of each shift.

We aim to meet or exceed your standards and expectations on every project.

Dedicated to Your Success

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Roller Reamers for drilling municipal water wells